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Retrograde Palettes by Arvin61R58 Retrograde Palettes by Arvin61R58
Retrograde Palettes

GIMP palettes based on earlier software and hardware.  Use for pixel-art or that retro feeling.

I cannot claim these as my own work and credit should go the original developers/authors.

Collected from various sources and converted to the GIMP palette format.  Some of the software palettes are taken or copied from screen shots of respective applications and others were from various web pages.  Other software palette are extracted from graphic files or is a conversion of the palette file from the respective software. Hardware palettes are from various web sources.  The NEOchrome and NEOchrome Master palettes are taken from screenshots of respective applications from the large color selector in the middle bottom pane.

Additional palettes -- Atari 2600, Autodesk Animator, Fairchild Channel F, GreenStreet Draw, MSX2 Screen 8,  Nintendo Entertainment System, Paintbrush Designer, RISC 0S 3 and more over 40 total.  There is a list of palettes in the ReadMe files included with the attachment/download.

Due to differences in sources, accuracy is not guaranteed.  Also, due to differences in hardware displays, many of the hardware palettes may be close approximations.

Can also be used with Inkscape, MyPaint, Krita, Chasys Draw (Chasys Artist) and other applications that can import/load GIMP palettes.  However, some applications may not correctly read/load palettes containing less or more than 256 (8 bit) colors.

Unzip/unpack before using.  Enjoy :)

Was not sure of where else to put this, so it is under GIMP Scripts & Plugins
lechindianer Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, new palettes for Krita! Thanks for sharing!
Arvin61R58 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
You are welcome! :)
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May 3, 2013
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